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Tips to get you organized before you move

Congratulations! You bought a home and are scheduled to close soon. Here are a few tips that you should make sure to include in your moving checklist.

2 weeks before closing date

  • Change your address to the new place to make sure nothing gets missed
  • Have an overlap – meaning schedule your move in date 2 weeks before you have to be out of your other place. It will be less stressful as you start to move in you can get little projects done beforehand.


  • Pack your boxes with the room names and floor labeled. This helps the movers place belongings in the correct room instead of randomly in the home.
Moving In
  • Consider painting all the areas of the home you want to change before you move all of your stuff in. Focus on the children’s rooms and rooms you will be using the most first.
  • If you are moving with children plan on getting their rooms set up first. It helps for them to have a familiar environment.
  • If you are planning on changing the carpets or flooring do them after the painting is done. This will help save you money and time on cleaning the carpets or floors afterwards.
  • Don’t hang decoration and art with nails. Try using the command strips just in case the configuration doesn’t work out the way you want it to be. This gives you flexibility as you are getting set up.
  • The first month in your home you may be moving furniture around a few times to get everything in place that feels right. Try not to buy lots of new things until you really decide what is going to stay and what needs to leave.
  • If there is an area of the home that you really want to update or change, try your best to schedule it before you move in or within the first couple of weeks in the new home.

I personally have been in my home over a decade and we still haven’t changed out the bathrooms that we wish we had done when we first moved in.

What have you found when moving to be the first area to get settled?

Do you have any tips the readers could use on trying to set up a home quickly.

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