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I can hardly believe this has happened!

Today I was tagged in this sweet post on FB. I was also so very grateful to be part of the journey!

Closing day

I can hardly believe this has happened! I am so grateful for my hardworking husband who has made this dream possible for our little family! 
We are grateful beyond words to Uncle Steve and Aunty Kathy who made something scary and daunting so exciting! You both walked every step of the way with us, going above and beyond in your help, time, and effort! I don’t know how we could ever thank you enough! Love you both so very much! 
Thank you Alison for all your help and patience and all the sweet and thoughtful gifts along the way of this journey! We are grateful! 
Thank you mom (Susan)! You have been working SO incredibly hard helping us make our house a home! You are amazing!! Loving spending time with you too! Thanks for coming!